I’m glad that you stopped by to check out the website of Plainwell First United Methodist Church!  As a church, we welcome anyone, of any age, from any background, no matter where you are on the journey of faith.  Whether you’ve been on this journey for 98 or more years or you’ve yet to take that first step – Welcome!

The name says “Plainwell”, and this church has been a part of the community for over 140 years, but the people who are the followers of Jesus in this location come from many communities in the area and are reaching out to serve in lots of places– both close to home and in other parts of the country and of the world.

I hope that you will come and check out Plainwell First United Methodist Church in person.  You’ll experience people of all ages being leaders and participating in worship, classes, and groups; you’ll see all kinds of clothes (all we require is that you wear clothes!); you’ll meet all kinds of people who have lots of questions about God and faith; you’ll hear amazing music; you’ll feel a church with lots of energy; and you’ll discover that you belong.

Hope to see you soon!

Kathy Brown